Wireless Remotes

Voice Multi Control can be operated remotely! No more standing up from bed and walking to controller to make any adjustments. Thanks to the wireless remote you can change the preset temperature or required heating power. Did you already sit down behind your steering wheel and your heater is still running?

The remote also allows you to shut the heating down or start it up again. That is where you find the real value of the voice-over functionality in the Voice Multi Control as it tells you in your preferred language that the unit is OFF or ON. This is a great feedback of the actual running status even if you touched the button accidentally.

Keychain Wireless Remote MK1

Handy wireless remote with keychain attachment to your keys. Sliding cover protects the buttons from being pushed accidentally in your pocket.

Keychain Wireless Remote MK2

New model of wireless remote with fresh modern design. It is made of soft plastic that is very nice to touch. The large buttons make it very simple to operate, so you can operate your diesel heater remotely in night without looking at the buttons.

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