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Find a lower cash price for an identical component locally and we will beat it by 20%. It’s as simple as that.

Parts compatible with other brands

We also carry components and accessories and provide support for a wide range of products from different brands.

Sometimes carry misleading specifications of the maximum power 8kW.

"Chinese Diesel Heater" is the very popular slang name used worldwide for the low cost clone of of the original model developed in Germany by Eberspächer. The purchase price usually determines the quality of the components itself and therefore overall quality, life-time and safety of the product.

As long as your main heating unit looks similar as on the draft above, we have got you fully covered in terms of supply of of the spare parts, repairs or modifications to newer control system.

...and many others

Due to standardised components, we stock many parts that may be compatible with your current diesel heater of different brand. Let us know model of your product and we will try to offer you a solution.

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