What are the real differences?





Low cost diesel heater

Imported from China
Supplied by a list of NZ resellers


The Eberspächer Group of Companies, with headquarters in Esslingen am Neckar, Germany, is a privately owned family business that is an international automotive supplier.  

It is one of the leading system developers and suppliers of diesel heaters in the world.

HEATPORT proudly supports the heating units from  Eberspächer and recommends these systems for critical installations requiring intensive use in tough applications. HEATPORT provides the warranty & after-warranty support and service for models Airtronic D2 and D4.


HEATPORT is the only company in New Zealand who actually assemble both installation kits and the core heating units directly in New Zealand. From our research we may also be the first and only one in Australasia. Our 500 square metre warehouse, production/servicing /development and installation facility are located near Cheviot / North Canterbury.

We import each individual component of our heaters. With this strategy, we have complete quality control and carefully select suppliers or factories to manufacture individual sub-components. We aim to get access to the best parts available on the market where decision is based, not on purchase price, but on quality. We liaise with factories to custom manufacture many parts for us to improve the overall quality or function of all components.  Having full control on the selection of each individual part, our own assembly and quality control and advanced documentation, we have created for customers the factors that actually influence the life time of the units. We are able to improve the quality of our product that can not be compared with "typical" low cost diesel heaters offered anywhere else in NZ.

Reaching the best quality product may be one winning strategy, but for typical customers or commercial resellers the most important is a reliable supply chain in case anything goes wrong or the customer requires any assistance. Thanks to the largest stock of spare parts & accessories of this particular product in NZ, our service/installation facility and our considerable knowledge in this field, we are able to offer  a comprehensive warranty/after-warranty service with very reasonable pricing of components.

The lack of spare parts not only affects small rebranded heaters imported to NZ from China, but also the large German brands - who are represented in New Zealand only by a list of resellers/e-shops who include only a couple of main products in their product portfolio and with zero or very limited stock of spare components. The supply may mean waiting typically 3 weeks for air shipping from Europe and with larger landed cost + margins of resellers. So, the price of some individual parts may jump up to 5-10x higher than typical HEATPORT replacement parts. This makes the after warranty repairs of the German brands very uneconomic. We are often contacted by owners of motorhomes/caravans with German brand units who received quotations for repairs in the range of thousands of dollars and they decide instead on a complete change to a brand new heating system offered by New Zealand's brand HEATPORT.

Our goal is not to compete with cheap exports from China, but instead offer quality products and better packages for the local NZ market. We periodically improve the quality of many components. Every year we are able to Improve the quality of our products even further. As we get many components custom manufactured directly for our brand, we have already succeeded in producing  components of the same quality as the products of European brands. For many other parts we have managed to even increase the quality by supplying more robust parts, or solved some design flaws or simply discovered the opportunities for improvement. This has allowed us to even further provide non compromise parts to buyers who want good value for money. We are working hard to put into production new improvements to our products even further, offer better user interface, reliability or simply making the product easier to install which can reduce the installation time/cost.

"Chinese Diesel Heater"

"Chinese Diesel Heater" is the very popular slang name used worldwide for the low cost clone of of the original model developed in Germany by Eberspächer. The purchase price usually determines the quality of the component itself and therefore overall quality, life-time and safety of the product. This category includes no brand or branded models purchased online from overseas including the locally rebranded diesel heaters sold by local resellers and e-shops. Other NZ sellers offer products of this kind and import finished diesel heater kits from overseas (the majority of these units are assembled in China).

Most of the other diesel heater brands or non brands imported to NZ from China share the very same product design as the Eberspächer Airtronic D2 / D4 engineered back in Germany and product photos show a very similar product. The main difference is that the friendly retail price has been achieved by cutting costs in the assembly factory in two of the most critical areas - selection of the core components included, and lowering the manufacturing costs, quality of components plus assembly itself and most importantly quality control with acceptable levels set too low. All these factors not only lower the quality of the product, but can rapidly affect the lifetime (usually based on the weakest part)- something not shown on the photos. In comparison, the genuine German heating units are still sold for about NZ$3500-4000 retail. The idiom, "You get what you pay for" applies in this field as well as in any other industry.