Customised kits / trade orders

Do you have special requirements, want to order as a trade customer or you need a fully customised kit? No problem. We can build your kit exactly to your requirements. Find detailed instructions below and how to order the perfect customised kit.

1 ) First, try one of the pre-made kits.

We offer many different kits for vehicles, marine and off-grid applications. All have been carefully designed to be very universal, and may work for majority of scenarios. Check the comparison charts and see if you find the perfect kit that would work for you without any modification. If you find one, you do not need to customise the kit and you can order directly through the interactive online configurator.

2 ) Find the kit closest to your target part list.

Select the kit that you think is closest to the required part list. The closer you match, the less modifications you need to list. Carefully check the detailed comparison chart of the kits to review the smallest differences. Alternatively try to select one of the kits and review the parts list at the bottom of the online configurator.

3 ) Check our available parts & accessories.

Yes, we have a huge selection of parts, accessories and other installation material. Carefully review all the categories of our Parts & Accessories to see all we can supply.

4 ) Configure the product with the kit you decided to modify

Use the interactive online configurator. Firstly select the model and afterwards choose all the available options to generate the complete part list. Start with the kit closest to your requirements -  the one you decided to modify. 

5) List the modifications

Review the parts list you generated and prepare a list of the parts you would like to add or remove.

6) Prepare the summary and send us email

Remember that you will have to provide the summary containing the detailed configuration according to the options you selected in the online configurator plus a list of the parts to be added / removed. To generate the first list automatically, click on the button "add to cart" and wait for loading the cart. Here you will find the summary of your unmodified order. Copy the detailed configuration list you find in the cart and paste it into your email. Now just simply prepare the list of the modifications. Send us the email with the summary of your order to Do not forget to include your contact number and delivery address.

7) Wait for the quotation

We will send you a reply with a detailed quote before you receive the final invoice. Alternatively we will contact you in case of any clarifications required.



Voltage: 12V (DC)
Controller: VMC - FS

Type of Installation: Vehicle


Fuel supply: Connection to my own tank

Type of connection: Suction Pipe with Nut + Gasket Maker & Sealant RTV

Warranty: Extended 24 months warranty


Bottom Plate Turret Plate Shape SS

4x Air Vent / Inlet & Outlet Ø 60mm Type E

T-Junction Ø 60mm

3m Duct Hose Ø 60mm

2x Hose Clamp Ø 60mm


Bottom Plate 2mm SS

3x Air Vent / Inlet & Outlet Ø 60mm Type A


1) This will add additional 1 piece of T-Junction Ø 60mm = total 2pcs.

2) This will add additional 3m of Duct Hose Ø 60mm on top of the included 2m length = total 5m, you will receive the continuous length 5m.

3) If you modify your duct or combustion system, do not forget to calculate the exact quantity of hose clamps you require.

30% OFF for any extra parts

Remember, you receive the 30% discount for any extra parts you order on top of the basic kit no matter if its contained in the higher kit or as a list of the added parts on top of the fully configured product. We offer transparent pricing for all kits. It is calculated as the amount for all additional parts contained in the kit on top of the basic kit and then discounted by 30% ! The basic kit is the RV STARTER or STANDARD KIT.