Fuel Tanks

We know that it may be difficult to choose from too many different options. HEATPORT offers the largest selection of fuel tanks for diesel heaters and gradually adding more.

How should I choose the right model?

Each installation is unique, and especially if your space is extremely limited (majority of camper-vans and small motorhomes) you want the best tank that fits perfectly into your small space. We have models that allow fixed installation on the wall or free standing tanks of variety of shapes. Take your tape measure and check the best spot where would you like to position your fuel tank and choose from the most suitable models. The tank should not block the storage area but instead offer easy access to the filling lid and provide the reasonably large capacity, so you do not have to refill the tank too often. 

What is a reasonable capacity?

This depends on how often do you intend to use the diesel heater and what is the average heating power required to preheat your space. One litre of the diesel contains about 10kW/hours of the energy, which means that if your heating unit runs whole night on the continuous power 1.5kW, the average consumption may be about 1.5litre of the diesel over this period of the time. The smaller the tank, more often you have to refill it and therefore the fully refilled larger tank may last for long period of time which increases the comfort.

Note: Keep in mind, that the quality of the diesel degrades over the time. The diesel should never sit in the tank longer period of the time than 6 months, otherwise the tank must be emptied and filled with new diesel.