HEATPORT offers different controllers, and only some are compatible with the particular heating units. You can check the comparison chart and detailed technical specifications below.


Are you asking, what is the favourite controller we could currently offer you? This may depend on your preference, but we have the recommendation. In the last year we introduced the model VMC that became the most popular selling controller across both young and older generations of the buyers. VMC has been designed as an answer for the most user friendly control system of diesel air heater on the market while maintaining compact dimensions. With straightforward and fast UI the VMC is the controller that people love. With its one rotatable dial you will be able to perform all the operations and adjust the heating power or the temperature in a fraction of second. The wireless keychain remote (optional) allows for fully remote operations.

The VMC is offered in two versions BS (Battery saving thermostat) & FS (Fuel saving thermostat). Unless your preference is keeping the electrical consumption as low as possible or your space has larger heat loss than the minimum heating power of the unit (and you do not want the heater to shut down the heating process in middle of night and cycle again, we recommend the FS variant as the most universal model.


1) The battery saving thermostats can cause overheating of the space with continuous minimal power once target temperature is reached.

2) VMC is not available for all models of the heating units.

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