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Warm your cabin anytime, anywhere in a couple of minutes. The complete installation kit includes all the necessary parts.

The main difference in quality in comparison with other brands lies inside. Heatport kits were designed and are assembled in New Zealand by using the highest quality components. This products wins on the total cost of ownership. We offer the most competitive option to the German brands of heaters by offering the similar level of quality for 1/3 of the price. We store spare parts locally and offer express warranty-after warranty service, we will not let you down.

Experience modern Wired/Wireless Controllers  with LCD display, fluent regulation of power or fully automatic thermostatic mode, timed startup+shutdown. With the advanced overheating protection It runs also the cleaning procedures to avoid carbon deposition and therefore increases the lifetime of the unit. Unlike other brands, Heatport uses the pressure sensors and the advanced system automatically adjusts the ratio of fuel and oxygen.

Every single part of the unit was carefully selected and undergo final intensive quality check here before shipping to you to ensure that everything is in highest standard and the unit will function excellently.

Our heaters meet all the safety standards - which means that it can be legally used in New Zealand roads. Do not get caught buying cheap copies from no-name sellers. Instead, get a reliable one from a reliable local supplier.


All products purchased from HEATPORT include a 12 month warranty.