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Diesel Air Heater

Get the newest 2020 model with the advanced wireless controller.



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What's in the Box




Main Heater Unit

Wireless Controller


Wired Switch


Metering Fuel Pump




Following parts are included only in the selected option

Suction pipe - Internal

Installation from inside the tank (requires unmounting of the main tank)

Suction pipe - External


Installation from outside of tank (does not require unmounting the main tank)


Fuel Tank 2.5l


Size : 160(W)x 175(H)x140(D)mm


Fuel Tank 3.5l


Size : 330(W)x 135(H)x150(D)mm


Fuel Tank 4.2l


Size : 280(W)x 165(H)x145(D)mm


Fuel Tank 5l


Size : 280(W)x 260(H)x80(D)mm


Fuel Tank 7l


Size : 400(W)x 260(H)x80(D)mm


Fuel Tank 10l


Size : 465(W)x 465(H)x85(D)mm


Fuel Tank 13l


Size : 465(W)x 465(H)x105(D)mm


* Please note, the actual product or any accessories may look slightly different than on the photo. This includes the different colour of plastic body etc.

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